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freelance seo servicesGrab your share of the search market from competitors with professional freelance search engine optimisation (SEO) services to get better rankings in the search engines and increase traffic to your products and services. Read more about my search engine optimisation (SEO) services in Brighton below, drop me a line with your questions or request a free website SEO review and be sure to check out these competitive SEO Packages and Prices.

Although some of SEO is shrouded in secrecy, it can be quite straight forward if you know what you’re doing. Read more about my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services and results below or get a free website SEO review.

  • WordPress Website SEO

    Increase rankings, traffic and sales from your WordPress site. Paid a web developer or built your own website using WordPress and waiting for all that traffic to come in? It won’t…

  • SEO Team Management

    Enjoy years of results-based experience to guide your team. Uncovering fundamental problems with a website content management system or a problematic information architecture can cause your SEO team to resist making the difficult changes that are required to turn your failing brand around. However, with guidance from a SEO manager that is happy to get… read more

  • SEO Fault Finding

    Discover hidden SEO errors to increase Google traffic! See your website from a Google Search Robot’s point-of-view and fix all the hidden errors and issues that are holding your site back from achieving higher rankings. Enjoy better crawls from a fault-free website with just a day of expert SEO recommendations that will allow your team… read more

  • SEO Meta Data Optimisation

    Control what searchers see in Google’s results pages. Optimising the meta data in your website pages can not only help improve your position in the search results for target phrases, but also allows the opportunity to add qualifier and modifier keywords – to help rank in Google for countless longer search phrases. See how much… read more

  • Technical SEO Auditing

    Help Google crawl, index and rank just the right pages! Unsure if your website content management system isn’t configured to publish dozens or even hundreds of urls containing thin, empty or duplicate content from post tags, logged-in pages and attachment file urls? You could be making Google’s job of crawling, indexing and ranking your website… read more

  • Ecommerce Website SEO

    Reclaim your share of your search market. Unaware of the quick fixes and improvements to your ecommerce website that can boost your Google rankings, increase traffic and drive more sales from the huge number of potential customers online? See the ecommerce SEO campaign case study below to see what opportunities you may be missing. Ecommerce… read more

  • SEO Link Building

    Increase Google rankings with expert link building SEO! Improve search engine results page rankings and referral visits to your web pages with expert SEO services that uses best-practice white-hat (Google approved) methods to increase the number of quality incoming links from relevant, high-authority, trusted sites. See how in the case study below… Link Building Services… read more

  • SEO Troubleshooting

    Uncover hidden errors holding your site back in Google! Unsure how a few days of specialist SEO work could possibly bring visible improvements to Google rankings, organic traffic and visits to your product and services pages? SEO troubleshooting may be the answer, as many of the issues that are keep sites from the first position… read more

  • SEO Content Creation

    Get new optimised content created to claim more customers Establishing your company as the one to go to in your local city is quite a feat and requires a substantial investment in marketing and pr. Going beyond that within the first year of being online to be a top choice for your entire local area… read more

  • SEO Error Management

    Be sure your site isn’t suffering from hidden SEO issues So your website looks just the way you want it to and does its job of describing how your services provide all the solutions, but how comes it never appears in Google? Find out the hidden indexation errors that could be holding your site back…. read more

  • New Website Optimisation

    Launching a new site that needs rankings right away? Don’t miss your share of the Google searchers who are looking for your products and services due to lack of SEO knowledge, the fear of large budgets and unpersonalised website SEO campaigns. Rather than guessing when it comes to optimising your own or your company website… read more

  • Website SEO Audit & Fix

    Have your site reviewed and improved for search engines! Can you be fully confident that your web designer or developer knows the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices. Incorrect xml sitemaps, htaccess and robots files to nieve, dubious or downright dodgy optimisation methods by inexperienced staff can all hold your website back from the… read more

  • SEO On-Page Optimisation

    Optimise what you’ve already got! Have your existing web pages tuned up to best improve visibility in the search engines and attract new streams of traffic with up to date on-page optimisation SEO services. Benefit from white hat (Google approved) search engine optimisation by having your web site pages mapped to the most popular suitable… read more

  • SEO Consultancy

    Are you catching your full share of your search market? At a loss as to why you don’t get the amount of search traffic you expected when you had your site built? Well everything has its reasons and with a little help you can make sense of it all and optimise your site in-house. Rather… read more

  • SEO Campaign Set-up

    A properly set up SEO campaign may be all you need! Don’t miss your share of the Google searchers who are looking for your products and services due to lack of SEO knowledge, the fear of large budgets and unpersonalised website SEO campaigns. Rather than guessing when it comes to optimising your own or your… read more

  • SEO Tuition & Training

    Learn SEO Best Practices In-house Gain search marketing industry knowledge and discover need-to-know facts and myths about how SEO relates to your business and have your team optimise your web pages in-house to increase targeted traffic and sales. SEO Training Case Study – Inkbot Design Inkbot Design are a Belfast based graphic design studio specialising… read more

  • SEO Competitor Research

    Understand why competitors get better search engine results! Don’t miss your share of the search market to competitors! Get an understanding on how to use professional SEO tools and services to spy on those above you in Google’s search engine results pages – and beat them! via expert SEO competitor research services or consultancy. Competitor… read more

  • SEO Error Reporting

    Get a report on SEO errors you can fix in-house! Enjoy the benefit of error reports taken from professional SEO website auditing software and learn how to easily fix the issues that make it difficult for search engines to crawl, index and rank your web pages. After all giving your site a clean sheet is… read more

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