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Establishing your company as the one to go to in your local city is quite a feat and requires a substantial investment in marketing and pr. Going beyond that within the first year of being online to be a top choice for your entire local area is something else.

SEO Content Creation Case Study – Wynne’s Removals

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Wynne’s Removals company in Brighton know that it takes dedication to become a leading local brand and are targeting to become the first choice for Removals throughout the Brighton and Hove area.

The Problem:

Wynne’s removals are a Brighton based removals firm that have only just arrived online since October 2012 and needed to establish themselves as a viable option for local families moving house with first page local search results.

The Solution:

Knowing that Wynne’s WordPress based website was created with a good information architecture with solid categories, SEO friendly urls and and good navigation, I was able to put together a plan that would make the best use of the time to create, optimise and publish over 50 content-rich pages/posts/categories or tag pages, each targeting a specific keyword phrase.

Using keyword data tools such as Wordtracker, I was able to map the main phrases potential customers were searching for to pages we could publish on the site:
  • 14 static pages including 2 tracked forms
  • 4 sector categories (hubs or seo silos)
  • 22 posts covering each service offered
  • 24 tag pages encompassing most local towns
  • 30+ (ongoing) optimised customer testimonials

By covering large number of the keyword phrases that local potential customers were evidently searching for, with an optimised article explaining Wynne’s services, the benefits of using their company and clear instructions on what to do next to get a quote or get in touch, the site provides a growing stream of qualified potential customers ready to pay for Wynne’s services.

Having discovered a number of issues the company’s websites faced with regards to configuration and lack of a search marketing strategy – We worked through the SEO process using a number of free and paid SEO tools.
  • SEOMoz weekly error and ranking tracking
  • Google+ local page interactions monitoring
  • Google Webmaster tools health checking
  • Google Analytics traffic statistics reporting
  • Goal conversion tracking and optimisation

The Results

Wynnes has enjoyed a large increase in sales each week and that figure is rising still. Hold on for an image of their increase sales conversions from natural search engine traffic.

The Conclusion

Wynne’s quick responses to daily quote requests and their business model that allows ongoing investment in the channels that have proven to be profitable works very well.

The increase in daily online leads and sales has helped the company stay on track to achieve their ambitions goal of becoming one of the top 3 removals brands in the Brighton and Hove area within a single year of the company trading.

The increase in rankings, traffic and tracked conversions from the ‘request a quote’ forms allow Wynne’s to see their investment in content creation and other SEO services pay off and has allowed them to re-invest in further online marketing services such as Pay Per Click advertising earlier than expected. Opening up more and more possibilities and opportunities with the rewards of increased traffic and sales from organic search engine optimisation and general digital marketing techniques.

The Client Tesimonial

“Martin came on board with our company, he help us to develop and build our new website, from to start to finish, he is also working on our search engine optimisation.

Since Martin has come on board, we have developed a great working practice and our site is now growing in the right way, we are now in discussions about the next stages of our business development and are looking forward to working with Martin at the end of the month.

I would highly recommend Martin, he has been a pleasure to have met and worked with.”

Laurence Wynne – founder of Wynne’s Removals.

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