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Passionate about the Science and Art of Strategic Marketing

I’m a UK based freelance marketer with 12 years experience helping businesses, charities, website owners and marketers best use digital marketing technology and sales psychology to encourage and convince people to take direct action. Whether it is to learn more, to interact, to click or to buy.

Marketer – Designer – Consultant – Entrepreneur

Whilst freelancing for a range of clients around the world, I’ve been lucky to learn from a number of leading marketers including the vice-chairman of comScore, the CEO of space station marketers MirCorp and numerous freelancers and staff in marketing agencies and departments around the UK.

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My Other Websites

  • My Work in Outer Space

    In 2009 I became web manager and a shareholder of NanoRacks LLC, having created and marketed the Houston-based space utilization firm’s website alongside commercial space pioneer Jeffrey Manber.

    Since then, NanoRacks has grown into a 50 person team that provides services to 30 nations worldwide and has launched over 700 payloads to Low Earth Orbit and the International Space Station. As well as creating websites and marketing materials for the firm, I am proud to have designed the original NanoRacks ‘N’ logo which is visible on the company’s CubeSat Deployer that orbits the Earth 15 times every day.

    martin wilson space marketing

    NanoRacks works with NASA and other partners to create new space markets and has ushered in a new era of in space-services dedicated to making space just another place to do business. In 2017, the company announced its long-term plans to repurpose the upper stages of launch vehicles in-space and converting these structures into commercial habitats throughout the solar system.

    Contact me to launch your project to space, learn more on my space marketing services website, or visit NanoRacks for the latest news and forthcoming launch opportunities.

  • Marketing Agency Rockets

    Launching online products with Brighton Marketing Agency

    Reporting directly to the Managing Director of the 50 strong marketing agency in Brighton, I worked alongside The Rocket Marketing Group’s Marketing Manager to monetize new online customers. Employed as a web developer, I soon took on the responsibility of managing all of Rocket’s websites and online marketing campaigns during a 15 month period of rapid growth.

    Having presented a full internet marketing strategy and provided a plan of action to the company directors, I was asked to implement my suggested campaigns and to advise the marketing team on how to best use the web and discover and profit from new online markets. It worked.

      Main Achievements:

    • Opened up new revenue streams with automated pay-to-join website creation
    • Doubled average daily traffic to the company’s membership club portfolio
    • Optimised online conversions to double paid sign-ups every 6 weeks
    • Achieved 16 times more paid clicks per day without adjusting AdWords budget
    • Introduced new on-site call to action split testing, analysis and optimisation

    Read more about my marketing, SEO and web development work for Brighton’s Rocket Marketing Group or see the director’s words on the huge increase of traffic in the web page optimisation SEO case study.

  • Selling Peace to the West

    For the first time, the inside story of the conspiracy that transformed the U.S. space program has been revealed, warts and all, by controversial author and commercial space pioneer – Jeffrey Manber. I’m overjoyed to have been hired to design and build the official Selling Peace website and market the paperback book online (buy it here, ahem).

    The book documents Jeffrey’s setting up of the U.S. Government’s Department of Space Commerce for president Reagan, his working with Russian space giants Energia to commercialise their space assets as well as describing his part in the first ever manned commercial space mission with notorious space rebels MirCorp. (Mir = Peace in Russian).

    Watch Jeffrey in Michael Potters documentary file trailer Orphans of Apollo, which reveals MirCorp’s taking over of the Mir Space Station against the wishes of NASA chiefs. And worse…

  • Marketing Brighton Uni

    Brighton Uni Marketing dept

    I have been working with course administrators, teachers and research professors at the University of Brighton to develop and market the School of Education website to potential students around the globe. The 100 year old educational institution’s 200 page static html website provides around 2,500 students and over 200 staff with up-to-date course information and news on forthcoming events.

    Whilst working on the contract alongside Richard Penfound, staff from the faculty of Education and Sport and Brighton University’s Marketing and Communications department

    I provided these services

    • Website html code improvements
    • Website reviews and documentation
    • Website maintenance and management
    and attended these events

    • BBC Radio 4 Any Questions with Richard Dimbleby
    • Allan Ahlberg lecture (author of Burglar Bill)
    • School of Education Centenary Photoshoot

    I really enjoyed my time spent with the Uni staff in the Checkland building at Falmer (pictured above), and hope to work with the team again in the future.

  • Freelancing for Dummies

    Since going freelance as a web designer and internet marketer, I’ve been creating all sorts of websites and digital projects in surprisingly diverse industries and markets:

    E-mail Marketing for Global Leaders – I was hired by a third party Brighton design agency as a white label freelancer to re-style and edit marketing newsletters on behalf of leading global brand Wiley, publishers of the “for dummies” series of books.

    Programming C# on the .NET platform – I am also taking private tuition from Brighton based software programmer Kash Adderpally in order to offer my clients a wider range of specialised services, including .net development and C# Programming.

    Feeling Good in Brighton – Having felt the benefits of deep tissue massages and holistic treatments for my growing aches and pains, I created a website for The Jasmine Vine, a complementary and holistic therapy service based in Brighton.

    Fundraising for Cambodian Orphans – I was hired, well volunteered, to build the architecture for an international charity website raising awareness (and over £2000 of donations in the first months) for providing hospital care and schooling orphaned children in Cambodia.

    Broadcasting Beards on the Beeb – Recently I launched a new community section and a small shop to the World of Beards website and entered talks with BBC Radio 4 about recording a hairy radio interview about the interest the Brighton based website has received.

    Leveraging YouTube for 5000 Keplerians – In January I welcomed the 5000th Kepler enthusiast into the fold by developing a Johannes Kepler website and social profiles with automated content and videos relating to the 16th century Genius Mathematician.

  • Trading Extra Terrestrial Data

    Having studied Astronomy at City College in Brighton and after attending a number of Digital Design courses in the city, I couldn’t believe my luck in landing the most random job in the world which helped establish my space industry marketing career and incorporated both of my chosen disciplines.

    Yuzoz Corporation had been looking in the UK for web designers and developers to work on their new and totally unique Outer Space Random Number Generator which tapped live space data from orbiting satellites and provided users with fun tools to “Let the Stars Decide” and to “Live Random”. Whilst working with the Yuzoz team in Brighton Media Centre for over a year to help (successfully) secure international investment, develop digital products and manage the corporations website and a team or digital contractors, I was lucky to grasp a number of random opportunities including:

    Designing the world’s first space powered widgets – I was tasked with designing the first web widgets (illustrated above), powered by solar fluctuations to provide streams of space data to be used to power games, music from space, architectural lighting and other applications.

    Interviewing Best-Selling Authors – I needed new topical content for the client’s website about randomness, so I contacted and interviewed a number of top authors including master of all things random, Luke Rhinehart, aka: The Diceman.

    Making Space In Truth or Consequences – I sourced a team of 3D designers and illustrators to produce a series of artist’s impressions of a proposed geodesic dome mission control centre in the strange desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

    Documenting a Corporate Profile Online – I was hired to counter an attempt to re-write history by creating a website documenting MirCorp, (everyone’s fave space rebels, well mine at least) who pulled off the first manned commercial space mission against the wishes of NASA and the U.S Govt.

    Grovelling A Golden Global Handshake – In what seemed like a BBC Apprentice style challenge, they had me think up and quickly source a unique and compelling gift to sit on the desk of an influential Chinese doctor of psychiatry and, wait for it, Billionaire Investor.

    Well, how would you impress him?

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