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SEO Training Case Study – Inkbot Design

SEO Training and TuitionSEO Training and Tuition

Inkbot Design are a Belfast based graphic design studio specialising in logo and branding design services for UK and international businesses who need to present their company, products and services in the best possible light.

The Problem:

Inkbot’s lead designer was concerned that their company website was getting just a hand full of visits each day from the search engines despite having built up a large online portfolio of logo design case studies, a wealth of free information for readers of their blog and a large following of designers around the world.

With the company’s primary source of potential customers coming from the web, Inkbot needed to get a better understanding of the search engines and advice on how to optimise existing and new pages in-house to improve search engine rankings and traffic.

The Solution:

Having reviewed the site for free and explained the issues we faced with regards to technical configuration of the site, search market volume and competition from other websites, we agreed on a 6 day SEO training package that would, over 6 months, fix any technical problems and optimise the site pages for keyword phrases we knew their customers were searching for.

By working though improving and fixing errors in the site robots.txt file, htaccess file and xml sitemap that were flagged by webmasters tools and screaming frog website crawler the site gained a clean bill of health before the end of the first month and free traffic from Google organic search instantly jumped from next to nothing to a steady 40 visit per day. Hold on, it gets better…

The next step was to work by example, showing the client how to select a keyword phrase to target for each page and how to optimise it using the latest white hat SEO practice techniques. By creating a spreadsheet that listed all of the site pages, posts, categories and tags and by populating selected rows with a suggested keyword, meta title, meta description and instruction on where and how to insert the phrase inside the content of the page.

By suggesting a schedule of monitoring rankings and traffic using the tools provided and recording them in the seo campaign spreadsheet, both Inkbot and I were able to spot which pages were moving up the search engine results pages and which pages and keywords to focus on more in the half day sessions over the following months.

The Results

  • An increase from 10 to over 100 search visits each day
  • Ongoing increase of traffic to 1000 per week and rising
  • First in Google for dozens of targeted keyword phrases
  • Full understanding of optimisation and content strategy

The Conclusion

The in-house training and on page SEO campaign that Inkbot implemented themselves during the SEO training sessions worked a treat and the company are looking forward to re-invest the increased profits to fund another 1 day per month campaign of SEO training sessions to build awareness on the web about their brand and increase high value links to the site from relevant authoritative design related websites.

With an investment of £1000 in SEO training and tuition services for the 6 month period the company gained an extra 100 visits every day which equates to around targeted visitors per per pound spent during the campaign. All extra ongoing traffic is free!

The Client Tesimonial

Inkbot’s Stuart L. Crawford was overjoyed with the vast increase of natural search visits to the website and with the company’s newly gained insider SEO industry knowledge. Here is what he had to say about the SEO training sessions:

“I was getting very few hits on my site and no clients until I hired Martin to look into it. He set up a strategy which not only gained me several clients directly, but doubled my site’s organic search traffic in a surprisingly short amount of time.

“Needless to say, I hope to be able to work closely with him over the next year or two to make sure my site stays in the top positions. I’m delighted with the results and would have no hesitation to recommend Martin to anyone who wishes to get their site noticed by potential clients.” Stuart L. Crawford – founder of the Inkbot Design.

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