Freelancing for Dummies

Since going freelance as a web designer and internet marketer, I’ve been creating all sorts of websites and digital projects in surprisingly diverse industries and markets.

E-mail Marketing for Global Leaders – I was hired by a third party Brighton design agency as a white label freelancer to re-style and edit marketing newsletters on behalf of leading global brand WileyProgramming C# on the .NET platform – I am also taking private tuition from Brighton based software programmer Kash Adderpally in order to offer my clients a wider range of specialised services, including .net development and C# Programming.

Feeling Good in Brighton – Having felt the benefits of deep tissue massages and holistic treatments for my growing aches and pains, I created a website for The Jasmine Vine, a complementary and holistic therapy service based in Brighton.

Fundraising for Cambodian Orphans – I was hired, well volunteered, to build the architecture for an international charity website raising awareness (and over £2000 of donations in the first months) for providing hospital care and schooling orphaned children in Cambodia.

Broadcasting Beards on the Beeb – Recently I launched a new community section and a small shop to the World of Beards website and entered talks with BBC Radio 4 about recording a hairy radio interview about the interest the Brighton based website has received.

Leveraging YouTube for 5000 Keplerians – In January I welcomed the 5000th Kepler enthusiast into the fold by developing a Johannes Kepler website and social profiles with automated content and videos relating to the 16th century Genius Mathematician.

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