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Google’s pay per click (PPC) advertising platform, Adwords, is an effective, measurable way to bring highly targeted traffic directly to your website landing pages. What’s more, Google have made it easy for you to start spending money on paid search advertising right away. But remember… Google Adwords isn’t set up to make you money… see why

Pay Per Click Services & Case Studies

  • Adwords Account Optimisation

    Enjoy profitable search marketing via Adwords optimisation! Increase sales generated via your website landing pages from expert Adwords account optimisation which not only increases brand reach via ... read more about Adwords Account Optimisation

  • Adwords Campaign Creation

    Get a profitable PPC account created to claim more business! Increasing the volume of targeted search traffic to your landing pages via Adwords advertising can not ... read more about Adwords Campaign Creation

  • PPC Spend Optimisation

    Generate more leads for less money through savvy bidding Ensure your Adwords campaigns are set to spend your budget to best serve your brand rather than Google ... read more about PPC Spend Optimisation

  • PPC Keyword Optimisation

    Wasting Adwords spend on broad match keyword bids? Looking to increase click through rates, quality score and reduce your cost per clicks via improved paid search keyword ... read more about PPC Keyword Optimisation

  • PPC Bidding Strategy

    Relax knowing your Adwords budget is being wisely spent. Need to find out how your PPC campaign may be wasting spend on automated bidding or a rubbish ... read more about PPC Bidding Strategy

  • PPC Conversion Optimisation

    Enjoy more clicks from better Converting Adwords Ads! Increasing paid search traffic conversions from your Adwords campaign landing pages can be achieved via better bidding, creation ... read more about PPC Conversion Optimisation

  • Adwords PPC Management

    Reduce wasted ad spend and increase conversions. Worried you are wasting part of your digital marketing budget on paid clicks from Adwords that don’t convert into sales? ... read more about Adwords PPC Management

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