PPC Checklist

Adwords’ default settings are tuned up to make Google money, not you!

It’s not all that bad, just keep in mind that investing in ppc optimisation without much experience can cost you money rather than bring it in. Use the below list to check your ad campaigns are configured effectively and be sure to have the basics of a profitable campaign in place before increasing monthly spend.

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    Stop! – before you start, some basic best practices
  • adwords research – learn the basics before you spend any money
  • keyword research – use free tools to collect relevant keyword phrases
  • competitor research – use Google search to snoop on competing ads
  • marketing research – use the AIDA checklist to make compelling ad copy
    Build tightly targeted ad groups
  • edit campaign settings to rotate ads evenly and turn the content network off
  • evaluate how much each click is worth to you before setting bid prices and budget
  • add tightly targeted broad, phrase and exact match keywords to each ad group
  • create a range of ads containing your main keywords with differing creative content
    Understand what works
  • study impressions – see which keywords get the most impressions – cut the rest
  • test your bid price – lower keyword bid prices until clicks start to drop
  • compare your ads – see which get most clicks and understand why – cut the rest
  • improve your ads – add the best elements of winning ads to a control ad and beat it
    Optimising for conversions
  • control impressions – add negative keywords to filter out unwanted clicks
  • be very specific – add qualifiers – price, location and product spec to qualify clickers
  • get them while they’re hot – add phrases people search for when ready to buy
  • target tightly – include the search term in keywords, ad title/text and landing page

Setting up conversion tracking and adding a £ value for each sale allows Adwords to calculate your daily profits for each keyword/ad combination and there are heaps of free tools available to help you find further keyword phrases that can bring more sales from niche search markets already searching for the stuff you sell.

Find out how to improve your ads, optimise click through rates, quality score, conversion rates, ad positioning and landing pages by signing up for search marketing advice or have me review your Adwords campaign and get expert recommendations with a free Adwords PPC campaign review.

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