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27 Nov2018

Hey ho, a couple of years in and your self-promotion and marketing efforts have helped slowly but steadily increase traffic to your site in a way that sales figures grow quarter on quarter – in fact, there is enough money in the kitty to take it to the next level and get your site improved!… read more

24 Oct2018

A lot of business owners get sucked into using the marketing jargon they see online and try to apply it to their own sites. And yes, that is one of the worst things you can do when trying to sound like a real human. Why? Well, because your website copy should be less about what… read more

30 Aug2018

Page load times are more critical than ever. People want instant access to everything – paying bills, shopping, reading articles, watching videos, etc. If there’s any delay, we’re on to something else – or we’re just disappointed. As overall page speeds have increased over the years, our attention spans have become shorter. To prove that… read more

19 Dec2017

In the past few years, Google has made several updates to its search algorithm, such that it is now almost impossible to figure it out, even if you are an SEO expert. With over 200 search engine signals (ranking factors) and very stringent rules, trying to bypass or manipulate Google’s search algorithm is now much… read more

13 Jul2017

The number of distressed business owners who get in touch with me because their website has dropped out of Google’s search results pages and no longer brings them the business they need is increasing all the time. The reason why – they give digital marketing work to web designers, web developers or newbie marketers who… read more

14 Feb2017

As a business owner, website designer or marketing manager, its your job to ensure your site is doing everything it can to convert as much of your traffic into sales, right? Refining design elements, marketing messages and sales funnels is essential for any business, so here is a list of basic conversion optimisation issues I… read more

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