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Lots of what works well in digital marketing is based on common sense. It often "stands to reason" why it works so well. Other strategies, techniques and methods are fueled by technical know-how and experience in a particular field. That's where my virtual agency of freelance marketing staff and colleagues come in...

Kash systems architect

Kashyap's software programming skills have helped build large robust frameworks for commercial clients including the Ministry of Defence.

Becky web designer

Becky is a web designer with a portfolio of marketing materials, websites and email marketing campaigns created for local and national marketing agencies.

Rich web designer

Richard's experience includes creating and developing a large number of commercial websites plus digital design and video production.

Mark web developer

Mark's web design and development work has brought dozens of great websites online for commercial and not-for-profit ventures in the UK.

Richard company accountant

Richard keeps the books and provides on the pulse UK tax accounting advice and valuable insight for freelance contractors, start-ups and small businesses.

Peter graphic designer

Peter's digital illustration and design work has brought many projects to life including websites, cartoon characters and technical space hardware illustrations.

Ben feature writer

Ben is a columnist for a number of printed UK publications and has a large portfolio of feature articles and stories published in local magazines such as the Source.

CJ blog copywriter

CJ is a published author and provides regular online contributions including blog posts, articles and features for a range of UK organisations.

Gary digital artist

Gary is a well known artist, teacher and digital designer who's portfolio ranges from photography, drawing, digital illustration and website design.

Caroline public relations

Caroline is at the top of her field with a large portfolio of work that has kept her client's environmental concerns in the media, in parliament and on the agenda.

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