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Can you be fully confident that your web designer or developer knows the latest search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices. Incorrect xml sitemaps, htaccess and robots files to nieve, dubious or downright dodgy optimisation methods by inexperienced staff can all hold your website back from the search engine rankings results and traffic it deserves.

Of course your web designer wants the work of optimising your site for the search engines but are you sure they know how to do it? Be sure to check their results for other clients and have them explain the methods they intend to use to ensure your company will enjoy the benefits of professional search marketing campaign. And demand they fix any inappropriate SEO methods that Google sees as spam, black-hat SEO practices or just plain old dishonest.

Website Audit and Fix SEO Case Study – Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens

Website Audit and Fix SEO ServiceWebsite Audit and Fix SEO Service

Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens is a UK based online shop that sells a large range of kitchen and gardening products to grow-your-own enthusiasts and online shoppers in a range of niche markets.

The Problem:

Having had the site built and maintained by a reputable UK web design firm the company owner and team of staff were concerned that the search engine optimisation work they had done wasn’t working as expected and traffic from the search engines was on a slow decline rather than growing in proportion to the increasing volume of products in the online store.

The Solution:

By reviewing the design, marketing message, usability and configuration of the site and setting out a plan that over a day per week would fix all technical problems, improve user experience of the site and optimise the existing pages the company owner was pleased to be kept fully in the loop while changes were being made to the site.

Infact, Nutley’s team are overjoyed that they now have a much better understanding of what makes a website healthy, having discussed the results and remedys to a number of problems discovered using a range of professional web development and SEO tools.

  • Screaming frog – to crawl and list all the duplicate page titles and descriptions in the site
  • Google Webmaster Tools – to check all the right pages are crawled, indexed and ranked correctly
  • SEOMoz – to discover all the harmful incoming links and monitor bad practice SEO issues over time
  • Google Analytics – to monitor website traffic and report the increase in visits from fixed pages

Working with the site’s existing x-cart ecommerce content management system and a range of online tools, I implemented a full marketing campaign that would help the company web editor to learn and benefit from digital marketing opportunities ranging from content marketing, email marketing, conversion rate optimisation as well as a small technical SEO campaign to increase traffic from the search engines.

  • Increased organic search traffic from 180 to 550 every week
  • All indexing issues and duplicate content errors resolved
  • Dozens of schoolboy SEO errors and half hearted hacks fixed
  • Tracking black-hat incoming links to reduce damage to rankings

The Results

During a 1 day per week campaign in August and September 2012 we managed to more than triple daily traffic from the search engines.

The Conclusion

After attracting a much larger daily volume of free targeted traffic that continues to generate increased profit from online product sales Nutley’s online shop owner decided to plough the profits back in to keep me on to develop new functionality and features to increase value and improve user experience throughout the site.

By adding, newsletter sign up functionality and providing the in-house team with branded mailchimp email templates and instructions on how to send news and offers to their growing email list, the team have been overjoyed with the way they now use the site both to sell products but also to test and improve the marketing message, special offer rotation and extra features including free downloads, a blog and new pages for the latest, bestsellers and featured products that help increase sales for highly profitable products.

The Client Tesimonial

Jo Nutley – owner of the online store had this to say about our work together and the impact it made on her business.


“” Jo Nutley – owner of Nutley’s Kitchen Gardens.

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