Trading Extra Terrestrial Data

Having studied Astronomy at City College in Brighton and after attending a number of Digital Design courses in the city, I couldn’t believe my luck in landing the most random job in the world which helped establish my space industry marketing career and incorporated both of my chosen disciplines.

Yuzoz Corporation had been looking in the UK for web designers and developers to work on their new and totally unique Outer Space Random Number Generator which tapped live space data from orbiting satellites and provided users with fun tools to “Let the Stars Decide” and to “Live Random”. Whilst working with the Yuzoz team in Brighton Media Centre for over a year to help (successfully) secure international investment, develop digital products and manage the corporations website and a team or digital contractors, I was lucky to grasp a number of random opportunities including:

Designing the world’s first space powered widgets – I was tasked with designing the first web widgets (illustrated above), powered by solar fluctuations to provide streams of space data to be used to power games, music from space, architectural lighting and other applications.

Interviewing Best-Selling Authors – I needed new topical content for the client’s website about randomness, so I contacted and interviewed a number of top authors including master of all things random, Luke Rhinehart, aka: The Diceman.

Making Space In Truth or Consequences – I sourced a team of 3D designers and illustrators to produce a series of artist’s impressions of a proposed geodesic dome mission control centre in the strange desert town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Documenting a Corporate Profile Online – I was hired to counter an attempt to re-write history by creating a website documenting MirCorp, (everyone’s fave space rebels, well mine at least) who pulled off the first manned commercial space mission against the wishes of NASA and the U.S Govt.

Grovelling A Golden Global Handshake – In what seemed like a BBC Apprentice style challenge, they had me think up and quickly source a unique and compelling gift to sit on the desk of an influential Chinese doctor of psychiatry and, wait for it, Billionaire Investor.

Well, how would you impress him?

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