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Have your existing web pages tuned up to best improve visibility in the search engines and attract new streams of traffic with up to date on-page optimisation SEO services. Benefit from white hat (Google approved) search engine optimisation by having your web site pages mapped to the most popular suitable short keyword phrases and countless longer search queries in your niche.

Using data collected from keyword research SEO tools and your existing website traffic to assign a suitable primary keyword phrase to each target page on your site, can help your pages beat the competition in Google’s search engine results pages via a range of hands-on SEO techniques including meta title and description improvements and the optimisation of web page content.

On-page Website Optimisation Case Study – 123Save

SEO Web page optimisationWebsite optimisation

123Save is a UK based discount voucher code website that delivers high-value money-off offers to thousands of online members, provides incremental revenue streams and collects valuable online market research data for the brand’s owners, the Rocket Marketing Group and their partner companies.

The Problem:

Rocket needed to increase 123Save’s visibility in the search engines in a number of highly competitive online markets and attract organic (non paid search) traffic to the newly created website. With a catalogue of around 200 discount offers published on the site, the marketing agency needed to quickly claim more of their market share from leading voucher sites such as myvouchercodes and groupon.

The Solution:

Working with the site’s existing content I developed a full SEO plan and implemented a campaign to research the online voucher and discount market then optimise each page for the best phrase it was likely to rank well for. To do this effectively I used free and paid for SEO tools including:

  • SEOMoz – to manage the SEO campaign and to spy on competing pages and their incoming links
  • Wordtracker – to manage keyword research data and suggest alternative keyword phrases
  • Google Analytics – to monitor daily organic traffic and help with the recording of ranking results
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool – to track the popularity and competition of each selected keyword phrase
  • Google Webmaster Tools – to check search engines can crawl, index and rank all web pages correctly

On discovering which phrases UK deal seekers searched for most and the quality, authority and incoming link profiles of the best ranking competitor pages for those terms, I went ahead and selected a primary keyword phrase for each page and a number of qualifying terms, synonyms and modified versions of each selected phrase in a SEO campaign spreadsheet before going on to optimise the website.

By using character counting software to create click-able and optimised meta page titles and descriptions using marketing devices such as the AIDA checklist, I went on to improve a full range of on page elements using SEOMoz page reports as a starting point. It was found that the majority of pages required additional content and would benefit from being written from the customers point of view and each page required added subheadings and the renaming of all page images and their alt tags.

  • Attracts over 200 natural search visitors per day
  • First page results for dozens of 2 word phrases
  • First position for 100s of longer search terms
  • Allows the team to analyse valuable market data

The Results

The half a day per week SEO campaign gathered pace as daily traffic increased for over a period of 3 months, until by the end of the project in July 2012 organic traffic had increased by a factor of 10.

The Conclusion

After attracting a constant stream of free traffic and generating incremental revenue from new subscribers, Rocket gained access to a large set of data that allowed their team to analyse exactly which offers their website visitors were seeking most and gave them a better understanding of the UK’s online discount voucher market.

Rocket’s management team were overjoyed with the improved search engine rankings and increase of traffic and more so because no on-going work was needed to maintain this growing volume of online visitors and paid sign ups. Rocket’s director Alan Saunders was able to act on the new market research data and insights gained to better focus resources for the company’s range of off-line products.

The Client Tesimonial

The marketing agency’s chief: Andy Huggins provided these kind words on the huge increase in website traffic, the success of the web page optimisation campaign and the new insights Rocket’s team gained.

“Martin is creative, methodical and structured in his approach to work. He always goes the extra mile with great background research, making it his business to fully understand the market he is working in, to add maximum value.

His first presentation on what he would do for Rocket and how was amazing! He told us things we had never thought of, and then got to work on achieving his plan. The real measure of his skill is in the strong results he continually delivers. Martin is a real asset to any company and we are very sorry to see him leave.” Andy Huggins – founder of the Rocket Marketing Group.

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