My Work in Outer Space

Whilst celebrating NanoRacks' first and second launch to the International Space Station earlier this year, I have been helping the U.S. based space firm to build awareness of their low cost economical space research opportunities by providing web design and development services as well as creating payload databases and print graphics for a batch of space-flight certificates, that have since been safely returned to Earth.

NanoRacks work with NASA and a number of other organisations to provide access to the micro-gravity environment inside the International Space Station to schools, universities and small commercial projects around the world.

In Spring the first two 10cm x 10cm x 10cm research modules, known as NanoLabs, were delivered and inserted into the NanoRacks platform's inside the U.S. National Lab on the orbiting space station, and in July 2010 Astronaut Shannon Walker activated the NanoRacks Platform and Payloads - beginning a new era in low-cost commercial space research by delivering game-changing prices, from as low as 25 000 dollars per mission.

Contact me to book your place in the space station, learn more on my space marketing consultant website, or visit NanoRacks for details on forthcoming launches and take a look at our July launch on Discovery STS-131 (one of the last ever space shuttle missions) and the activation of our platform inside the Space Station by clicking the images above.

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