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WordStream’s suite of internet marketing tools is designed to help webmasters get better results from their PPC marketing efforts. The suite of time-saving tools for PPC marketers allows you to create and manage your campaigns in as little as 20 minutes per week.

WordStream ppc graderOne of the most interesting features of the WordStream suite is the AdWords grading tool. This tool is available for free and will give you a detailed report on your AdWords performance. There are several other useful tools in the suite, including:

• The keyword tool
• Keyword niche finder
• Keyword grouper
• Negative keyword tool

The keyword tool offers thousands of suggestions for keywords that relate to your niche. The niche finder goes a step further and offers structured keyword suggestions that will help you to figure out the most profitable opportunities.

The keyword grouper will take a list of keywords or analytics data and turn it into some structured keywords that you can use to target your SEO efforts or improve your PPC campaigns. Meanwhile, the negative keyword tool will help you to avoid wasting money in your PPC campaigns by highlighting keywords that don’t convert, so that you can save money by removing them from your targeting.

These free tools are just one part of what WordStream has to offer. The company also has a premium PPC marketing tool. This software includes the keyword discovery tools, as well as AdWords and Bing integration, tools for managing your quality score, actionable PPC alerts, PPC success reporting and more. There is a free trial of the software available, and there is a range of different pricing plans on offer.

You can use the PPC optimisation tool to identify which of your ads are the most profitable, and to highlight irrelevant or poorly converting keywords. Although it does not crawl your website like a search engine spider, you can also take advantage of the built-in tools to make landing pages and to measure how successful those pages are at generating conversions — both online and offline. The software also helps you to manage your budget, refine your ad targeting and track which ad groups are performing the best.

WordStream’s subscription may look expensive at first glance, but when you consider how much time it can save and how effective it is at increasing your ROI, it should become clear that it is well worth the investment. WordStream could revolutionize your PPC marketing efforts.

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