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PPC Spend Optimisation Case Study – Bar 76

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Bar76 is a Brighton based nightclub with a large customer base and a history of topping the best night-life section on Trip Advisor.

The Problem:

With seasonal Adwords pay per click advertising campaigns focused on Christmas parties as well as ongoing advertising to attract a steady stream of customer enquiries and bookings, the business’s manager Scott was not satisfied with paid search campaign’s performance figures.

A large selection of broad match keyword bids was spending the majority of the budget on traffic that never converted to sales or enquiries and the daily budget was often spent well before evening-time – when most potential customers searched for choosing a night spot for parties and clubbing.

The Solution:

After reviewing the Adwords campaign with Pay Per Click best practices in mind, I proposed and set to on a 2 day plan that would, firstly, reduce wasted spend on broad match keyword phrases that pulled unwanted clicks, and secondly, to improve the ads themselves to increase click through and conversion rates.

To ensure we only paid for clicks closely related to searches performed by our target market, I analysed previous results and paused a large share of broad match keyword phrases, then began to bid strategically on phrase and exact match type phrases that were shown to convert well in the past. The first day of work vastly reduced our spend and allowed a second day to further optimise bids and improve the ads themselves.

ppc ad extensionsOn the second day, adding an array of ad extensions including site links, call extensions (phone numbers) and location extensions (to display the venue’s address), our ads grew to almost twice the size of competitor ads and along with a round of ad split testing, increased click through rates to 2.9%.

With improved quality score and ad positions we were able to reduce spend further whilst increasing sales conversions with lower bid throughout the set of campaigns.

The Results

ppc spend optimisation

By halving monthly spend over the first few weeks we were able to increase conversions by 185% by the end of the month. This set up allows the client to simply increase or decrease campaign budgets each month, when and as required.
  • 50% reduction of monthly Adwords spend
  • 185% increase of lead/sales conversions
  • Account-wide quality score improvements
  • Lower costs per click and cost per conversion

adwords ppc budget optimisation

The Conclusion

By saving budget each month and maintaining more sales conversions, Bar76 were able to put more resources into busier and more profitable seasonal periods, such as Christmas and New Year. The PPC optimisation work had paid for itself within 10 weeks and Bar76 were happy they would enjoy more business for less budget from paid search in the following months, and ongoing.

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