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PPC Keyword Optimisation case study – Aesthetic Professionals

PPC Keyword ExpertAdwords Keyword Optimisation

Aesthetic Professionals are the UK’s leading recruitment agency for the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine sector. By connecting the right healthcare companies with trained reception staff, nurses and surgeons, the company has enjoyed ongoing growth.

The Problem:

ARC needs to continuously reach new potential jobseekers and trained medical professionals, who are considering a change of role or location, in order to encourage them to sign-up and upload their CV to their website. Furthermore, with an already large database of potential employees, the company also wanted to expand their existing Adwords pay per click advertising campaign to explore new ways of attracting leads and requests from healthcare employers.

The Solution:

After reviewing and discussing a schedule and a budget for an intensive 6 day Adwords optimisation campaign with company owner John Sellers and staff, I set out to both optimise and expand their existing paid search campaigns:

Day 1 – landing page review and recommendations, ppc campaign review, create new ad groups and reconfigure settings to manual cost per click bidding

Day 2 – meeting with the ARC team and creation of new ad campaigns, as well as keyword research and adding new keywords at varied match types & bids

Day 3 – Google Analytics goal conversion set up and landing page improvements implemented on the website to encourage visitors upload a CV

Day 4 – creating improved ad copy in all campaigns, ad split testing and implementation of ad extensions such as call extensions and site links

Day 5 – adding mobile, location and schedule bid adjustments up and creating remarketing lists and ads to follow visitors who hadn’t yet signed up.

Day 6 – a further day of rebidding and ad split testing after a month of paid search click and conversion data had been amassed and analysed

The Results

By scheduling the campaign to include 2 successive days for reviews, meetings and building the new campaigns and staggering the rest of the work over a month, we believed our data and decisions would show better results than a standard “day per month” campaign. This proved to be true and ensured we had the opportunity to optimise both bids and ads numerous times before setting the campaign to continue unmanaged after the initial improvements.

ppc keyword optimisation

The initial review and build stage alone generated an 47% increase in sign-up conversions for a reduced spend and by the time newly optimised campaign hand run for a month, click through rates, quality score and ad positions had further improved whilst cost per click continued to fall.
  • 47% increase in sign-up goal conversions
  • 11% increase in targeted paid search clicks
  • 10% reduction in Adwords PPC monthly spend
  • Increase of high-value “employer” enquiries
  • Optimisation work pays for itself in 3 months

adwords keyword optimiser

The Conclusion

The increase in sign ups from potential candidates and enquiries from employers allowed ARC to invest a larger monthly spend on Adwords, and it was calculated that the investment made in PPC optimisation would have paid for itself after 3 months. From there on the decreased cost per acquisition for each and every new CV received has been a great saving to make whilst growing their client base.

The Client Tesimonial

“Thanks for this. PPC figures do indeed make great reading – well done you !”

John Sellers – Director at Aesthetic Professionals

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