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Pay Per Click Account Management Case Study – 241 Hotel Club

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The 241 Hotel club is a UK wide rewards and incentives program that offers huge discounts on holidays and hotels around the world to its large base of paid members in the UK and Europe.

The Problem:

Created and managed by The Rocket Marketing Group in Brighton, the membership club has a high sign-up rate generated from a range of online marketing channels. However the brand’s Adwords pay per click advertising campaign had been performing very poorly for years and cost per acquisition of new members was higher than the income generated from those signing-up. This needed to be resolved, and quickly.

The Solution:

Having reviewed the Adwords campaigns, ad groups and keywords, I set about implementing basic PPC best practices to ensure we cut the huge wasted monthly spend by adding negative keywords, varied match types and by rebidding on all keywords based on their previous click-through and conversion rates. Then, I put together and implemented an ongoing weekly PPC management and optimisation plan that would increase clicks and conversions by creating tightly grouped keywords in each campaign.

By setting each group of ads to rotate evenly, pausing badly performing ads and improving the winning ads each week, all campaigns were set up to allow the target market to guide us to the ad copy that generated most clicks and paid sign-ups.
  • Negative keywords to stop unwanted clicks
  • Modified broad, phrase and exact match bidding
  • Landing page design, creation and optimisation
  • Weekly ad split testing and new ad creation

After resolving 95% of the wasted monthly spend, reconfiguring the campaign settings to target just the UK market who were searching for foreign destinations, I set about designing, creating and directing our paid search market to specific landing pages that were highly relevant to the chosen holiday destination or the brand of hotels they were interested in.

By including highly visible calls to action graphics and a list of benefits that signing up brings to all campaign landing pages, our target market are more able to instantly find an solution to their needs and sign up with less friction.

The Results

Cost per click rates were slashed to a quarter of the previous value and conversions increased by a factor of 4 for each click, generating a large monthly income from the now profitable campaign.
  • 400% reduction of monthly Adwords spend
  • 400% increase of conversions per click
  • Large increase in account-wide quality score
  • Dozens of new target niches discovered
  • Made profitable & scalable for future growth

The Conclusion

Impressed with the results and the future opportunities the optimisation and management campaign opens up for the Brighton marketing agency, I made it my business to ensure Rocket Marketing Group’s Adwords manager, DAN! was aware how the improvements were made and how the agency’s in-house marketing experts could built on these results to further increase sign-ups, not only for the 2 For 1 Hotel Club but for a range of the clubs they market for clients online.

The Client Tesimonial

“Martin took control of our PPC campaign and increased click through rates by a factor of 4 and reduced average cost per click to a quarter of our initial bid price – allowing us to attract and easily regulate streams of highly targeted traffic to our website in a click.”

Alan Saunders – Director at The Rocket Marketing Group

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