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Be sure your site isn’t suffering from hidden SEO issues

So your website looks just the way you want it to and does its job of describing how your services provide all the solutions, but how comes it never appears in Google? Find out the hidden indexation errors that could be holding your site back.

SEO Error Management Case Study – London Role Play

Expert SEO ManagerSEO Error Management

London Role Play are a leading provider of professional actors for staff and management development for large corporate clients. Their wordpress based website hosts a large section of UK TV actors from shows such as EastEnders, Holby and Corrie to hire as well as a section describing the services on offer.

I was approached by the company’s managing director Mandy Who came armed with a whole bunch of questions and enthusiasm to know just what was causing the sites lack of rankings and Google’s organic search results. Intrigued with the nature of the business and the SEO problem, I offered to provide a free SEO audit for the site and report back on how Google is likely to see the site.

Issues included:

  • 88 duplicate content errors
  • 22 missing meta descriptions
  • 66 hidden blank pages
  • 24 broken links

All of the above technical SEO errors had been diluting Google’s index of the site pages and making it inefficient (and more expensive) for Google robots to crawl. See, although wordpress and its themes make posting new pages posts and tags really easy – it can be a SEO disaster if not configured correctly.

Some themes use posts from a certain category to show testimonials or slider content and often adding a tag seems like a good idea. But thats just another unoptimised page you have just created and Google has to wade through that on its way to finding your “real” pages.

Full case study coming soon…

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