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Don’t miss your share of the Google searchers who are looking for your products and services due to lack of SEO knowledge, the fear of large budgets and unpersonalised website SEO campaigns.

Rather than guessing when it comes to optimising your own or your company website or paying a large marketing agency to manage your SEO campaign – consider having your SEO campaign set up by a professional so you can get going with optimising your site yourself.

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Bright One Builders
Bright One Builders are a small local building firm covering Brighton and the south coast.The firm specialise in garage conversions and have expanded into builders deliveries services throughout the Sussex area.

The Problem:

With a brand new website created by a local designer and that was not optimised to gain little traffic from the search engines the company owner was in need of making an impact in the local search results and bringing in the first round of customers from the web.

The Solution:

With a small budget that allowed for 6 packed days of search engine optimisation work, I set about creating an SEO campaign allowed the owner to continue adding valuable, optimised content that would bring yet further top rankings and increased traffic unsupervised.

By ensuring all technical SEO issues and error were resolved, I created a spreadsheet that listed every page on the newly launched website, along with a recommended primary keyword phrase, meta title and description along with notes on page copy optimisation amends. By working through each page and implementing the signed-off changes, Beks were able to understand what gets a page good rankings and how to build on already successful campaign.

Keeping costs low and the work simple was essential to Beks and by meeting after every other session their team was able to learn the basics of SEO reporting and error fixing, keyword research, meta content creation, on-page content optimisation as well as some elementary competitor research and traffic analysis.

SEO Tools Used

Having discovered a number of issues the company’s websites faced with regards to configuration and lack of a search marketing strategy – We worked through the SEO process using a number of free and paid SEO tools.
  • Google Keyword Tool – to selected keyword phrases
  • Wordtracker – to manage keyword research data
  • Google Webmasters Tools – to monitor site health
  • SEOMoz – to monitor errors and track rankings
  • Google Analytics – to monitor organic traffic

The Results

Beks made it past the vast majority of their competitors within a month and have maintained their high positions in Google UK search engine for a range of phrases they chose to target including “Brighton Kitesurfing”, “kitesurfing blog” and “Kitesurfing gadgets” and over 30 other targeted search terms in the top 3 positions in Google UK.

The Conclusion

After presenting the case for considering some changes in layout design that would provide branding opportunities and allow for improved information architecture that would help Google understand the different sections of the site a bit better, Beks were overjoyed with the large increase in rankings and the increase in traffic that came from it. With a steady stream of potential new customers and all the information they need to continue building their customer base online.

The Client Tesimonial

Andy Huggins – founder of the Rocket Marketing Group.

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