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SEO Error Reporting Case Study – TheRemovals

SEO Error ReportingSEO Error Monitoring

Local company TheRemovals are a 1 man Brighton based outfit who offer a range of removals, storage and delivery services to local people and organisations via a range of websites created and managed by the van driver himself.

The Problem:

With 3 websites in different states of repair and the problems that come with managing a number of websites and associated accounts, the TheRemovals company owner needed to identify which site contained the least errors in order to focus on just one site. Further to this he wanted to learn how to fix the errors that were most holding the site back from the rankings it deserved whilst keeping the budget to a minimum.

The Solution:

Having scoped the work out to get the most out of a 4 hour deadline, I set about implementing 3 super-quick website reviews and an SEO Error reporting blitz on the 3 sites using SEOMoz, Screaming Frog’s Search Spider and Xenu Link Sleuth – 3 great time saving SEO programs.

Having identified which site had earned the highest domain authority, page rank, link equity and content quality and contained the least duplicate content and broken links, I set up a simple spreadsheet listing all the pages of the winning site and highlighted the errors for each page as well as providing simple step by step instructions to remedy each issue.

  • Best prospect website identified for future optimisation work
  • All duplicate page content, titles and descriptions listed
  • SEO campaign spreadsheet set up to list SEO opportunities
  • Instructions provided on how to fix each page’s SEO errors

The Outcome

During a half day SEO error reporting blitz, the best of 3 sites was identified and a fix list created to help the owner improve the site prior to optimising its content.

The Conclusion

The results that came out of the 4 hour session served as a real eye opener for the local business owner who declared how much he had learned about the difficulties Google’s robots have been facing on two of the sites. Having realised the importance of being organised and clear minded when creating and managing websites TheRemovals hope to keep the lessons learned in mind when creating new web pages and optimising them for the search engines.

It was not possible to further review the site that showed to be the best prospect of increasing traffic and sales due to the owner losing his Google account login details but once found, TheRemovals intend to implement the fixing of broken links and an array of remaining duplicate content issues that hold the site back from taking its rightful share of daily traffic flowing to competing sites.

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