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Web Content Development Case Study – Yuzoz

Website Content DevelopmentYuzoz hosts the world’s only Space Random Number Generator and provides live connections to outer space via data feeds from a range of orbiting NASA, NOAA and other satellites. Allowing Earthlings to live a bit more randomly and to “let the stars decide!”

The Problem: Having developed their space random number generator to provide random results powered by events out in the solar system for gaming and entertainment purposes, the entertainment corporation Yuzoz needed some serious website content development in order to launch their services online.

The Solution: Along with Yuzoz’s international team of graphic designers, software programmers, and online marketing strategists, I managed the website and design team to develop website content and brand graphics, as well as:
  • Graphic design and content creation
  • Telligent ASPX.NET theme development
  • Web widget creation and distribution
  • Design team management and consultancy

The Outcome: Yuzoz became the first ever web service to provide web developers with live streams of data from astronomical satellites to use for online gaming and other commercial applications. The website succeeded in supplying lucky numbers to a range of artistic and gaming projects, and secured investment from a number of individuals around the globe before the project was de-orbited.

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