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Newsletter Design Case Study – Wiley Inc

Wiley Newsletter brings targeted traffic from subscribers of their certification series of publications and drives them back to similar products on the global corporation’s website. The firm out-sources commercial newsletter development work to freelance marketing experts in the UK in order to optimise for the local audience.

newsletter design and development

The Problem: The certification newsletter mailout gets delivered to recipients around the world, mainly to customers who have already bought academic books from the company. A browser friendly email has to be created from the newsletter template each time new books are published and promoted on the web.

The Solution: I edited the commercial newsletter with new marketing copy and publication images and developed the newsletter layout design:
  • Re-building the template layout to show images in sidebar
  • Embedding the latest product images, descriptions and prices
  • Adding alt and title tags and tracking links for later analysis
  • HTML / CSS Validation and multi-browser checks and tests

The Outcome: The global publisher’s policy of keeping their email marketing newsletters varied in content and design throughout the academic year ensures that the certification series stays fresh and interesting. I was thanked for implementing the layout re-design by wiley’s localised internet marketing agents who rely on browser friendly design to best implement commercial newsletter development and email marketing campaigns for their clients.

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