Cross Platform Branding

You can build a stronger online presence by reinforcing brand id and values on your blog, facebook, twitter and others via a range of effective cross platform branding services.

Your brand identity colors, fonts, house styles and attitude help set the scene for engagement with customers and bring greater results when presented consistently across your company social profile pages, external forums and blogs across the web.

Cross Platform Branding Case Study – Savvy and Victor

Cross Platform BrandingSavvy And Victor are the Sussex internet marketing consultants and brand experts intent on delivering internet marketing campaigns and branding advise to customers around the UK. Savvy needed cross platform branding services and a blog so they could easily publish their news.

The Problem: To best engage with existing customers and online subscribers as well as channel newbies to their marketing agency website, Savvy and Victor needed to upgrade to integrate dynamic web marketing content in order to easily update their static website’s news and offers.

The Solution: Working with branding graphics created by the Sussex company’s design team, I provided cross platform branding expertise by integrating a dynamic blogger based blog to allow the easy uploading of new content plus a range of bookmarking and sharing tools to improve usability:
  • Branded blog creation
  • CSS theme development
  • Cross platform branding
  • Email marketing via alerts

The Outcome: Keeping their static html website up-to-date via syndicated rss feeds from the integrated blog allows the company to develop their brand on the blogging platform via an easy to administer, dynamic solution that can be managed in-house. Since launch, the firm have gone on to work with big names and have re-branded their own web presence and launched a new website.

Savvy’s owner Jo Allen was overjoyed with the internet marketing work I provided, saying lots of nice things about my cross platform branding expertise and my affordable internet marketing services.

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