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Website Content Syndication Case Study – World of Beards

Website Content Syndication

website content syndication servicesWorld Of Beards website is a hairy faced haven that allows visitors to buy beard and moustache related gifts online whilst keeping beardists up-to-date with the latest beardy chat via a little bit of help from their, clean shaven, online web marketing consultant.

The Problem: A hairy Brighton graphic designer who sells T-shirts and gifts online needed a website that collected beardists visitors (and their gift buying friends) and have it direct them towards his online gift shops at, and, whilst keeping them entertained with the latest beard and tache related news and chat.

The Solution: I worked with the Brighton designer to build a static html, graphic rich, website that displays new syndicated website content every single day without requiring any day to day maintenance. Plus:
  • Illustration and graphic design by Brighton’s Pixoid
  • Automated beard videos, images and chat content
  • Javascript image map of the world’s best beards
  • Revenue from Amazon AStore and Zazzle Store

The Outcome: World of beards has caused quite a stir amongst visitors around the world and has received interest from the BBC Radio 4 (who keep emailing me for an interview whenever facial hair is in the news!) as well as a number of regional radio stations, mentions in printed books about beards and even serious interest from the Guardian newspaper.

See what all the fuss is about at the fabulous World Of Beards or find out how to engage with your customers and create a buzz with some strategic digital marketing for your own project.

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