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Space API Website designYuzoz API Website is the first ever web service to provide web developers with live streams of data from astronomical satellites to use for online gaming and a wide range of commercial applications.

The Problem: Space entertainment company Yuzoz needed to catch the imagination of the web industry and investors with the commercial marketing opportunities they had on offer through their proprietary software: the SPRNG-1 (Space Powered Random Number Generator).

The Solution: Along with an international team of programmers, marketers and business strategists, I designed the API brand graphics and themed the ASPX.NET / MSSQL powered website. I also provided:
  • Graphic design and content creation
  • Telligent ASP.NET theme development
  • Web widget creation and distribution
  • Website management and consultancy

The Outcome: The final application interface tapped streamed xml files of data from the sun and the northern lights via a number of orbiting satellites. Corporation leaders and investors were happy that the website allowed web developers to create an account and log on to access live streams of space data for their own projects. Allowing the possibility for countless commercial games and applications powered by the randomness of the heavens. Investment followed although the website and API service is currently off-line.

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