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Want to know which homepage layout drives more visitors to your contact page? Unsure what text encourages most clicks on your call to action buttons? Or need to know which contact form layout pulls the most sales enquiries? With simple multivariate testing and a splash of conversion rate optimisation insight, you can enjoy vastly increased leads and sales through your contact form sales funnel – and all it takes is a round of conversion optimisation experiements.

Sales Lead Optimisation Case Study – Supreme Tracks

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Supreme Tracks is a world famous music recording and production company with clients including Sting, Bruce Springsteen and Lauren Hill as well as corporate clients such as Coke, Sony and a range of other household names.

The Problem:

The company’s New York recording studio is the base for a wide selection of song production, recording and mixing services, all of which can be ordered online by amateur and professional artists anywhere in the world. The studio’s WordPress based website was designed to represent the strong branding and the confidence of the production team utilising lots of bold statements, capitalised lettering and a strong colour scheme.

However the large amount of text, images and mixed messaging had grown to clutter important pages and it was felt that the main message and the goals of the website had been lost after years of amendments made by members of the team.

Company founder Jake Gakovik was unsure if the resources put into recording and uploading new example audio tracks each month was worth the effort – Indeed, with a busy homepage and a huge number of audio players filling many of the main pages, the fear was that the audio track players were actually causing unnecessary friction and discouraging visitors from requesting online services.

Unsure how to convey the main benefits of their offerings, how to build trust with potential customers and which carrots, sticks and hooks would best encourage visitors to fill out the contact form or request service prices, the wording had evolved to outgrow the homepage appeal area, causing the main benefits and call to action link to be hidden from view below the all important page-fold.

lead generation proposition-expertise

The Solution:

After planning a 3 day conversion rate optimisation campaign that included rewriting page copy, creating new social proof elements and conducting 5 separate multivariate tests, I was able to rewrite the main marketing messages and redesign the layout of the homepage appeal area in a way that allowed us to uncover the best performing wording and call to action button text in order to increase visits to the contact form and generate more leads and sales.

lead generation consultant

By prioritising our main goals of the site, mapping them to visible elements on the main pages and testing multiple variations against each other, we were able to prove for a fact, if the lists of benefits worked better in the format of bullets points than in the existing paragraphs, if more or less audio players encouraged enquires, if adding famous client names or corporate client logos worked to grab attention, build desire, excitement and trust, and which changes to wording would pull the most visitors through the sales funnel to the contact form.

Guess Which Call-To-Action Button Won!

call to action button optimisation expertBecause a range of staff had, over the years, amended wording and layouts, lots of the nicely designed elements had lost their effect.

Reworded headings were breaking out of their allotted space and super important information, such as names of existing famous customers had been missed out of lists of benefits, making it difficult for skim reading visitors to gain trust and even understand that Supreme Tracks offered services from a bricks and mortar studio, that could be accessed online.

Worse was that although 95% of the website’s visitors called by phone or used the contact form to request prices, the main marketing message didn’t reflect this and concluded with a single, small text link that was easy to miss. By testing a range of buttons and improved contact form layouts, we were able to publish those that we knew helped increase click through rates and encouraged enquiries the most. We also discovered that reducing the number of audio players actually incconversions.

Original Contact Form

sales leads optimisation

New Contact Form

sales leads optimization

The Results

Our 3 day campaign of redesigning page elements and rewriting text, along with our 5 multivariate tests allowed us to implement better converting landing pages and then to fine-tune wording that together more than doubled the number of sales leads from the same amount of traffic each week.

Homepage appeal area layout improvements and rewording generated increased click through rates:

sales optimisation expert

Call to action button design and text changes further increased click-throughs to the main contact page:

sales lead optimisation specialist

Reordering page elements and reducing the number of audio players increased conversions further still:

sales optimisation consultant

The Conclusion

  • Improved homepage appeal area layout and bullet point formatting
  • Stronger benefits bullet points with named celebrity customers
  • Redesigned call to action buttons with split tested anchor text
  • Improved contact form design with less fields and better wording
  • 30% increase in homepage call to action button click through rates
  • 20% more contact form page submissions and sales lead enquiries
  • +105% increase of sales lead conversions from existing traffic
Because the improved click through rates and contact form submissions accumulated into more than double the number of sales leads, Supreme tracks have enjoyed an ongoing increase in profits that they intend to invest in further work to generate more traffic.

The Client Testimonial

“Martin is a great CRO expert, no doubt in my mind. But more than that, he is also a great all-around internet marketer and a valuable team member.

Martin has a very systematic, methodical and transparent approach that gives results. Moreover, he helps me learn and understand how activities that we undertake together work and what kind of impact they may have on the end result. Our CRO campaign has resulted in significant improvement of my conversion rate, a +105% improvement to be precise.

Martin has excellent network of associates. He was also able to find a great copywriter for my site, I feel that if need any kind of support with my website – Martin will be able to deliver. Great person to have in your team.

Currently we are working on improving our search engine positions. I have no doubt that under Martin’s guidance I will see significant improvements very soon.”

Jake Gakovik – Supreme Tracks Founder.

See more details about Conversion Rate Optimisation and case studies, view my CRO packages and rates or drop me a line for a free website CRO review to enjoy increased sales from your existing traffic.

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