CRO Checklist

Your site has leaks – but A/B testing proves for a fact which marketing messages and design issues are blocking your online sales funnel

By its very nature, Conversion Rate Optimisation or landing page optimisation) is guaranteed to get results and provide essential insights on what works best to increase online enquiries and sales via improved marketing messages, layout design and call to action wording.

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Here is your CRO Checklist

Essential Landing Page Elements
  • Branding Elements – tell visitors about your brand with your logo and strap-line
  • Value Proposition – tell visitors what products and services you have on offer
  • Trust and Authority – tell them why they should trust and buy products from you
  • Call to Actions – tell them what to do next and what they’ll get if they convert
Goal Tracking and Integration
  • Track your traffic – use Google Analytics or KissMetrics to record all site visits
  • Track your goals – Prioritise your goals and map each to elements in your web page
  • Integrate CRO tools – Make experimental design changes and review heatmaps
  • Inform your team – Brainstorm potential marketing messages and design improvements
A/B split testing and optimisation
  • Be scientific – use Optimizely A/B testing to tweak your message or design
  • Test alternate layouts – Know for a fact if short sales pages beat long versions
  • Test essential messages – Rewrite alternate appeal headings to test wording
  • Test sales funnels – See which combination produces the most conversions
Act Now! yesterday’s visitors have already been lost

Setting up conversion tracking experiments with tools such as Optimizely is a great way to increase sales from your existing leads and website visitors in a way that relies on results based on experiment data. This means you no longer need to base decisions on objective marketing staff opinions and assumptions made by your design team.

Find out how to improve your landing page messages and sales funnel to increase leads or sales by signing up for conversion optimisation advice or have me review your website and get expert recommendations with a free landing page review.

CRO Resources

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