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cardicacs museum websiteCardiacs Museum is the biggest collection memorabilia, documents and discussions about my all time favorite band. Founded as an unofficial fan site by a Dutchman devoted to Tim Smith and his gang of weirdo musicians Ladies and Gentlemen, I present, the one and only… Cardiacs Museum.

The Problem: Having grown out of the original website with a huge amount of unique content (including over 200 pages of cardiacs discography items, flyers, setlists and the rest, the website becoming difficult to use and was missing out on its rightful place in the search engines due to a number of issues.

The Solution: On being contacted through a social network by the website and forum owner with a plea to help improve some usability issues, I offered to rebuilt the entire web presence to include:
  • HTML/CSS based web design and creation
  • Cross-platform branding of associated blog
  • Automated Email updates from the website
  • Content syndication and viral marketing tools

The Outcome: Cardiacs Museum has become the second port of call for cardiacs fans after the Band’s official website. Reaching the top 5 on the first page of Google for the single word phrase “cardiacs”, the website brings hundreds of new visitors each week to watch videos, comment in the Maresnest forum and submit their own Cardiacs Museum memorabilia.

The website requires minimal maintenance by keeping fans up to date with the latest official Cardiacs news via a collection of syndicated RSS fed content from around 20 related websites.

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