Educational Kepler Website

Educational Johannes Kepler Website

Educational Johannes Kepler WebsiteJohannes Kepler Info website hosts the world’s largest collection of articles, resources and discussions relating to the 17th century genius mathematician and Astronomer.

The Problem: Not only have Johannes Kepler’s Earth-changing laws of planetary motion (which form the basis of astrophysics even today) been overshadowed by lesser cosmologists back in the 1600’s but even today is exploited by a number of unimaginative space companies using Kepler’s name to push him out of the search engines and promote their own commercial projects.

The Solution: I created the website by developing a theme using the Joomla content management system, I researched Kepler’s lifetime of achievements to present a range of engaging features including:
  • Large archive of SEO Optimised content
  • Quarterly Science and Religion Newsletter
  • Twitter account producing auto-tweets
  • MySpace account with over 5,000 fans

The Outcome: Kepler Info is going from strength to strength, building up thousands of friends and fans (and even living descendants!) on the social networks whilst developing educational content to inspire the next generation of genius thinkers: See how Johannes Kepler changed the way people see the universe at: JohannesKepler.Info or see more of my website design portfolio items.

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