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space corporation website designMirCorp are the notorious (anarchist?) space corporation who launched the first ever manned commercial space mission, taking control of the MIR Space Station and ending, for a while, NASA’s monopoly on outer space.

The Problem: After recently distorted coverage by the world’s press, I was sourced by MirCorp’s former chief to create a simple website that sets the record straight and documents the corporation’s historical achievements. .

The Solution: Having a limited budget and time to create an online presence ,I worked with the former CEO to develop a simple static website that would attract visitors searching for the now dead corporation’s name. Web services provided included:
  • Static HTML/CSS website creation
  • Graphics developed from original brand
  • Image galleries and content creation
  • Web management and maintenance

The Outcome: The since the building of the website, interest in the organisation has again flourished and a movie by Michael Potter has gone on to document the pioneering space pirate’s antics. Watch the Orphans of Apollo trailer here or see more items from my freelance web design portfolio.

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