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Space company web design servicesNanoRacks work with NASA to provide access to the micro-gravity environment inside the International Space Station’s National Lab to universities and commercial space projects around the world.

The Problem: To present NanoRacks’ Micro-gravity research services to potential customers via the web and to create and develop the new company’s low-cost, no-fuss space research brand online.

The Solution: Working with NanoRacks’ U.S. based managing director and staff at the University of Kentucky via the internet, I created a website that reinforces their corporate id and brand values through:
  • Brand logo graphic design and corporate id
  • WordPress website creation and development
  • Brochure/Print design with Brighton’s Pixelmixer
  • Subscriber list and web account management

The Outcome: Having created and delivered two research platforms that house up to 32 individual 10cm x 10cm x 10cm “CubeLabs” in the orbiting International Space Station, NanoRacks have been overwhelmed with their impact on the small satellite research market. Signing a number of customers and building relationships with NASA and a number of other organisations with the help of their website and marketing materials.

Find out more about the company’s progress at or get brand and web design for your own project.

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