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  • How Well-Meaning Web Designers Destroy Google Rankings

    Hey ho, a couple of years in and your self-promotion and marketing efforts have helped slowly but steadily increase traffic to your site in a way that sales figures grow quarter on quarter – in fact, there is enough money in the kitty to take it to the next level and get your site improved!… read more

  • Decrease Web Page Load Speeds – 7 Free Tools Reviewed

    Page load times are more critical than ever. People want instant access to everything – paying bills, shopping, reading articles, watching videos, etc. If there’s any delay, we’re on to something else – or we’re just disappointed. As overall page speeds have increased over the years, our attention spans have become shorter. To prove that… read more

  • Google Compliance – 6 SEO Essentials for Ranking

    In the past few years, Google has made several updates to its search algorithm, such that it is now almost impossible to figure it out, even if you are an SEO expert. With over 200 search engine signals (ranking factors) and very stringent rules, trying to bypass or manipulate Google’s search algorithm is now much… read more

  • Boost SEO Rankings with Broken Incoming Link Redirects

    Google wants to rank your pages in the search results, that’s a fact. However the search engine often has a difficult time doing so when the urls of your pages change. Sure it’s best not to change the address of your pages, posts, categories and tags but, there are a few instances when they just have… read more

  • Penguin 4 Update & Manipulated Domain Statistics

    When Google was founded, PageRank was the initial algorithm that was used to rank pages, which did so by considering the number of backlinks (incoming links to your site). However, over time, the algorithm used by Google to rank search results has evolved, and the current algorithm, which since today’s Penguin 4 update, is now… read more

  • A Brief History of Google Algorithm Updates that Killed Businesses

    In today’s modern era of information technology, search engine optimization has become the norm for a company’s online success. With Google holding a market share of 70% on PC and 87.59% on both smartphones and tablets, it’s no doubt that businesses should reconsider their SEO strategy in order to create Google-friendly websites. Google has been… read more

  • Find Your Target Keywords with Google’s Keyword Planner

    The Google Keyword Planner tool is a valuable tool that helps webmasters to plan their Search Network campaigns for Google AdWords. It can also be used to plan paid search campaigns for other ad networks, as well as to plan organic SEO marketing efforts. The Google Keyword Planner tool is offered free of charge to… read more

  • See What Your Customers Search for with Google Trends

    Knowing how your customers think and search matters Google Trends is a free tool which Google offers to give webmasters and users an insight into the most popular topics on the web today. Here you can see the phrases your customers are searching for most. About Google Trends The home page of the Google Trends… read more

  • Review Your Site for Free with Moz SEO Tools

    Get a taste of the insights PRO SEO’s enjoy for free Moz is one of the best resource websites out there for webmasters who want to improve their site’s organic search engine rankings. Better is that their tools provide essential insights about your website, competitors and digital marketing opportunities. Moz (formerly SEOMoz) offers a range… read more

  • Monitor Competitor Backlinks with Ahrefs’s Free SEO Tool

    See which links will help you achieve top rankings Ahrefs is a powerful site explorer and backlink-checking tool that offers detailed insight into the link profiles of your website and the websites of your competitors. The Ahrefs suite of tools are available in several forms, including a limited free trial which allows you to see… read more

  • Monitor Web Site Pages Like A Search Engine Robot

    See your site from a search engine’s point of view Checking that all of your web pages are functioning properly and correctly monitoring important elements such as broken links and missing files is only half of what Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider web page crawler can do to save you heaps of time and worry. Seeing… read more

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