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Moz is one of the best resource websites out there for webmasters who want to improve their site’s organic search engine rankings. Better is that their tools provide essential insights about your website, competitors and digital marketing opportunities.

moz seo toolsMoz (formerly SEOMoz) offers a range of SEO and website optimisation tools that can help you to analyze your site and get an insight into the marketing techniques used by your competitors too. The suite of tools includes a toolbar that lets you get at-a-glance data while you surf, as well as some purely web-based tools for analytics, link checking and more.

Many of the seo tools are offered for free, but there is also a subscription option that provides more sophisticated reports and will allow you to analyse bigger websites in more depth.

The features of MOZ include:

• SERP reporting
• Keyword checking and analysis
• Backlink reports
• Page and domain authority metrics
• Keyword difficulty checking
• Internal link reports
• Social media sharing reports

The above is just a subset of the features available to Moz users. For inspiration on other SEO audit tools to use, check out James Hubbard’s post here. As you can see, there are many other tools, but these are the most important ones Moz offers, especially for beginners who have tried other free link analysis tools such as Ahrefs.

Getting Started with Moz Analytics and Moz Pro
The best way to get started with Moz is to install the toolbar. The toolbar is available for most modern browsers and is easy to install. Once you have it installed, it will automatically pull information about each website you visit, showing you the domain authority, page authority and link count for those pages. Think of authority as being like a more sophisticated version of Page Rank. Higher authority scores are better and mean that the page you are viewing has a good number of incoming links from respectable sources.

Domain and Page Authority are good metrics for learning where your SEO efforts are at right now, but how can you improve your SEO? The keyword tool is a good starting point. This tool will let you find potential keywords that you can use for your link building and article marketing, and as ideas for new content.

Your SEO Competitors are here too!
Another useful link-building feature is the competitive link-building tool. You can use this to see a list of domains that link to your website and to the websites of your competitors. You can export a list of domains that link to your competitors, look at those websites one by one to see what sort of links they are providing, and then work to get similar links yourself.

Grade Your Page
The page-grading feature is particularly useful for websites that have not had a lot of SEO work done on them. To use this tool, provide a URL and the keywords that you want it to rank for. Moz will give you a grade similar to a school report and will explain what is good and bad about the page in relation to the keyword phrase it is targeting, including both on-site and off-site SEO elements.

One of the best things about this feature is that Moz highlights issues that are particularly easy to fix, so if you want to take on some “low hanging fruit” and improve your site’s SEO quite quickly, you can run the report and tackle those issues when you have a few minutes to spare.

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