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Adwords Account PPC Optimisation

I helped generate more than twice as much qualified sales leads from executive level professionals interested in gaining advice and consultation services to help them boost their careers. As well as that, by rebuilding Appleby Associate's Google Adwords account in just 3 days, I was able to reduce their monthly Pay Per Click Advertising spend - so that they got 5 times more leads for the same monthly budget.

Yes - 5 times! Imagine increasing the business that comes through your website 500% just because you hired an Adwords PPC Consultant that knew how to turn your fortune around with just 3 days of once-only work. Appleby Associates not only enjoy being able to increase or decrease the number of leads their paid search campaigns generate each month, but they also feel the benefit of attracting sales leads that are much more targeted - meaning they waste less time replying to those after career advice, who are not at executive or board-level in their industry.

See how I did the full Adwords Account Optimisation and find out more details on the results that changed the game for the executive consultants - that generated this lovely testimonial:

"The help that Martin has given us is entirely measurable. In a matter of weeks he had worked with us to get an understanding of our business, our requirements, our target audience and had rebuilt our Adwords campaigns from the ground up.

By month 2 we had cut our marketing spend in half and brought down our cost per conversion by 79% whilst more than doubling the number of enquiries. Martin introduced us to an audience we were missing as well as some techniques on marketing we had not considered.

Now we have made the improvement we will be continuing to work with Martin to maintain his good work."

Marcus Alexander - Managing Director - Appleby Associates

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