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Graphic Designer WebsitePixoid is an online design portfolio and calling card for a Brighton based graphic designer, photographer and illustrator known in the scene only as Pixoid.

The Problem: Pixoid needed an easily up-datable, clean, simple website that would serve as an online portfolio and calling card that allowed visitors to see examples of his work and contact him to secure his professional services.

The Solution: I created the Artist’s WordPress based website and developed a feature rich theme to display large quality images, videos and photographs in a variety of gallery and portfolio layouts and formats..
  • Slideshows, galleries and light-boxes
  • WordPress CMS with branded theme
  • Easy image uploading and blog posting
  • Contact form and rss feed syndication

The Outcome: Pixoid was keen to maintain control of the overall look and feel of the brand and was overjoyed when handed the fully functioning website that matched his original design pixel for pixel. Having experience in coding static html websites the Brighton Graphic Designer said the new website scored even more points for being easy to update with new images and easy to re-style as the brand develops.

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