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Email Marketing Case Study – Nigels Eco Store

Ecommerce Email MarketingNigel’s Eco Store Newsletter provides over 20,000 email subscribers with eco tips and product news from the UK’s busiest eco friendly online store. The Hove based company needed an online web marketing consultant to give some advice and optimise their ecommerce email marketing campaign.

The Problem: The ecommerce newsletter mailout gets delivered to over 20 000 recipients around the world, all of them interested in buying eco products from Nigel. Unfortunately a number of them were receiving messed up newsletters which disfigured Nigel’s finely tuned marketing message.

The Solution: I identified and fixed the coding problems to ensure that the email displayed correctly in the top email clients including: Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook, by:
  • Re-building the logo graphic as a set of sliced images
  • Embedding images rather than setting as backgrounds
  • Adding alt and title tags for search engine optimisation
  • Removal of disallowed CSS styles and re-styling via html

The Outcome: Since the new ecommerce email marketing newsletter’s template now presents the store’s products correctly in all major browsers, Nigel announced that the company have seen an “increase in sales activity” for customers using the “more awkward” email clients.

See what Nigel said or find out more about improving your commercial email marketing campaign newsletters and other Digital Marketing Services services.

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