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  • Marketing Download – Introduction

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    6 facts that could change business, your attitude, your Success

    The internet is changing, how people find, review, compare and buy online products and services is changing. Online shoppers no longer have time to browse through semi-relevant articles, they want to find what they want quickly and easily. Check your webiste and internet marketing campaign is tuned up to get the best results with essential facts about what makes people buy and sign up online…

      Essential facts covered in the ebook:

    • drills versus holes
    • its about them not you
    • multiple propositions
    • effective marketing channels
    • how they navigate your site
    • what they need to see to buy
  • Internet Marketing Fatal Mistakes

    Its not about what You offer – its about what They want! People use the internet not to find out about companies like yours but to find solutions to their problems and needs. They want information, entertainment, downloads, transactions and purchases, and they want to do them quickly and easily. So check that your marketing… read more

  • SEO Mistakes

    “Up-to-date” SEO articles on the web date back 10 years Google’s search algorithm changes every single day SEO best practices change every time google changes (around 400 times per year) so neglecting to adapt your SEO strategy can be as bad as not doing any SEO at all, not researching your search markets first and… read more

  • PPC Cheatsheet

    Adwords’ default settings are tuned up to make google money, not you! It’s not all that bad, just keep in mind that investing in Adwords without much experience can cost you money rather than bring it in. So check you’ve configured your ad campaign settings effectively and have the basics of a profitable campaign in… read more

  • Web Design Best Practices

    Web design is about marketing – the graphics go on top! Your website is a marketing tool. Actually, a machine full of integrated tools. To get it running efficiently: list business objectives, brainstorm marketing copy, map out calls to action and wire-frame the necessary elements of each page type before having your website “designed” by… read more

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