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  • Google Compliance - 6 SEO Essentials for Ranking in 2018

    In the past few years, Google has made several updates to its search algorithm, such that it is now almost impossible to figure it out, even if you are an SEO expert. With over 200 search engine signals (ranking factors) and very stringent rules, trying to bypass or manipulate Google’s search algorithm is now much... read more

  • Marketers Versus Designers, Developers & Social Kiddies

    The number of distressed business owners who get in touch with me because their website has dropped out of Google's search results pages and no longer brings them the business they need is increasing all the time. The reason why - they give digital marketing work to web designers, web developers or newbie marketers who... read more

  • 5 Reasons to Network with Your Customers

    Social networks and websites are a great place to snoop on your competitors and their customers and by joining in you can extend your reach to markets you wouldn’t normally find. What's more, by promoting your brand on the social networks you can reach out to your current and potential new customers and get a... read more

  • 5 Paragraphs of an Online Press Release

    Educate your market and the industry in general with a series of online press releases. Publish one on your site whenever your business or project achieves a great feat, when you break a record, complete a prestigious project or when your services are praised or acknowledged by your industry: Lead paragraph - in 50 to... read more

  • 5 Blog and RSS Search Facts

    Blog posts and content from website RSS feeds can bring your website more visitors from vertical search engines. Here's a quick list of facts about web content delivered in RSS feeds: Most social network profiles such as Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and Flickr support RSS Content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Modx provide RSS... read more

  • 5 Behavioural Search Marketing Facts

    Search engines such as Google use behavioural search data to customise results for individual users: Including: search behaviour, browsing history, physical location, demographic and community info You can turn off personalised search in Google by adding &pws=0 to your search query You can have Google ignore your web history to influence search results by signing... read more

  • Analyse Market Trends and Forces

    It is advisable to constantly evolve your products and services to match the changing needs of your customers: Read - subscribe to and read your industry or trade press publications Study - take notes from freely available government statistics and spot trends Attend - visit trade shows and conferences and network with your industry partners... read more

  • Research Your Online Competitors

    Markets and technologies never stand still - and neither to your competitors. Aim ahead of game rather than chase a trend: Research - make a list with notes of all your competitors including... Direct competitors - head to head competitors who share your target markets Other competitors - similar products to your own but in... read more

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