5 Paragraphs of an Online Press Release

Educate your market and the industry in general with a series of online press releases. Publish one on your site whenever your business or project achieves a great feat, when you break a record, complete a prestigious project or when your services are praised or acknowledged by your industry:

  1. Lead paragraph - in 50 to 100 words cover the complete story in a sharp snappy paragraph
  2. Detail paragraph - give more details about the what, why, where, when and who of the story
  3. Quote paragraph - add a quote from the owner of your business saying they are overjoyed
  4. More info paragraph - not just background information but more info you want to tell people about
  5. Note to editors - explain the history of your company, add your contact details and you are ready to publish

Your press releases are a great way to show your authority in your field and can help your brand and sales by increasing levels of trust from your market. Even short and sweet 5 paragraph press releases can be optimised to gain inbound links and search traffic from your industry for free or can be syndicated around the world through a number of paid online services.

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