Sales Psychology

Discover how your potential customers think when making a purchase and find out what you need to do to reduce friction an help them move towards buying your products online with expert sales advice and articles about the psychology of selling online.

21 Jul2010

Communicate with what you say, how you say it and what you expect potential customers to do on your website: Use the AIDA checklist to grab people’s attention when creating marketing copy A is Attention - Interrupt your audience with attention grabbing headlines, copy and images I is Interest - draw them in with things... read more

17 Jul2010

Be a Psychologist - segment your market and work out why each group would buy your product: Ideal customer - split your customers into related groups and define your ideal customer Demographics - make a note of their age-group, gender, income bracket and geographic location Buying habits - will they buy every day, week, month... read more

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