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10 Aug2010

Search engines such as Google use behavioural search data to customise results for individual users: Including: search behaviour, browsing history, physical location, demographic and community info You can turn off personalised search in Google by adding &pws=0 to your search query You can have Google ignore your web history to influence search results by signing... read more

10 Aug2010

You can help the search engines find your website by keeping in mind and optimising these major factors: Content: all the information your website contains including text, images, videos, multimedia Popularity: how many people are talking about you and linking to your web pages really matters Architecture: help search engine spiders to find relevant content... read more

10 Aug2010

Although dozens of search engines dot the internet landscape, only a few feed all the others: People think they are choosing between competing services and expect to get varying results Most of the search services are actually working together or at least on the data level The 2 Leaders dominate over 90% of the market,... read more

10 Aug2010

Tailoring your website to have the highest SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking for a keyword search often includes these factors: Meta tags: title tag, description tag, meta keywords tag, domain url, file names, page names Page content: heading tags, textual content, images alt tags, strong and bold tags, fully qualified links Development: site map,... read more

21 Jul2010

Communicate with what you say, how you say it and what you expect potential customers to do on your website: Use the AIDA checklist to grab people’s attention when creating marketing copy A is Attention - Interrupt your audience with attention grabbing headlines, copy and images I is Interest - draw them in with things... read more

19 Jul2010

It is advisable to constantly evolve your products and services to match the changing needs of your customers: Read - subscribe to and read your industry or trade press publications Study - take notes from freely available government statistics and spot trends Attend - visit trade shows and conferences and network with your industry partners... read more

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