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08 Nov2010

Nobody else sees you're site like you do! When reviewing your website, check that it provides visitors with a good experience of your products and services, so be sure to communicate with what you say, how you say it and what you expect potential customers to do. Five essential things to consider when checking web site usability include... see the full web site user experience checklist.

30 Oct2010

Google AdWords pay per click advertising brings targeting visitors to websites like yours. Some facts: AdWords is an established brand which delivers the most (around 61%) paid search results on the web Google has a strong distribution network with millions of websites ready to show your advert There are two different costing models: pay per... read more

14 Oct2010

Social networks and websites are a great place to snoop on your competitors and their customers and by joining in you can extend your reach to markets you wouldn’t normally find. What's more, by promoting your brand on the social networks you can reach out to your current and potential new customers and get a... read more

08 Oct2010

Educate your market and the industry in general with a series of online press releases. Publish one on your site whenever your business or project achieves a great feat, when you break a record, complete a prestigious project or when your services are praised or acknowledged by your industry: Lead paragraph - in 50 to... read more

10 Aug2010

Yahoo Local is a very popular local (vertical) search engine. Here's how to get listed: Go to and search for your company name to see if your business is already listed If it isn't listed go to and either log in or create a new account Follow the online instructions to submit your... read more

10 Aug2010

Blog posts and content from website RSS feeds can bring your website more visitors from vertical search engines. Here's a quick list of facts about web content delivered in RSS feeds: Most social network profiles such as Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and Flickr support RSS Content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Modx provide RSS... read more

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